AWS EMR Interview Questions (2023)

This comprehensive guide provides you with essential AWS EMR interview questions and answers, designed to help you showcase your expertise in big data processing and distributed computing on AWS. Let’s jump right in! Q1) What is AWS EMR? Answer: Amazon EMR (Elastic MapReduce) is a managed Hadoop framework that simplifies big data processing, analysis, and …

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Top Data Warehouse Interview Questions (Answered for 2023)

Are you preparing for a job interview that requires data warehouse knowledge? Whether you’re an experienced data warehouse professional or just starting your career in the field, this article will help you prepare for the types of questions that you may encounter in an interview. We’ll explore some common data warehouse interview questions, including questions …

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Top Cloud Architect Interview Questions and Answers (2023 Update)

In This Article: 1. What is the key difference between on-prem networking vs cloud networking? On-prem networking involves physically configuring the network including laying of the cabling, installing hardware routers and switches, network interface cards, etc. However, in the cloud, networking is a software powered, virtual exercise that consists of selecting and configuring relevant cloud …

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AWS Cloud9 - Common Questions and Answers

Top 15 Common AWS Cloud9 Questions

AWS Cloud9 is a very easy to provision and web based IDE. Let’s look at the top questions regarding Cloud9 provisioning, usage and cost optimization

25+ AWS Glue Interview Questions and Answers (for 2023)

AWS Glue Interview Questions: What is AWS Glue? AWS Glue is a fully managed data ingestion and transformation service. You can build simple and cost-effective solutions to clean and process the data flowing through your various systems using AWS Glue. You can think of AWS Glue as a modern ETL alternative. Explain why and when …

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Microservices Interview Questions & Answers

30+ Microservices Interview Questions and Answers (2023 Update)

Microservices are a popular way of developing modern, scalable software in an agile manner and demand for microservices developers has only been growing for the past few years. If you are preparing for a microservices interview, this guide is here to help! We have prepared a comprehensive and pragmatic list of the microservices interview questions …

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