AWS Glue 101: Architecture, Features, Typical Use Cases

AWS Glue is modern, easy to operate AWS native ETL platform that offers multiple pathways to setup effective ETL jobs. In this post, we’ll look at Glue architecture, various components, how to get started with AWS Glue and benefits of Gule.

Cloud IDS: A Gentle Introduction

A cloud-based intrusion detection system can be a valuable addition to your security arsenal. Still, choosing the right CIDS for your business is important, as is understanding how to implement and maintain it properly. Following the tips in this article, you can get one step closer to protecting your business from the latest security and malicious threats.

Data Lake vs Data Warehouse

Enterprises everywhere, big and small, are experiencing exponential growth in data. Today, the main asset owned by some of the largest corporations in the world is data. This exploding growth in data naturally requires organizations to seek and adopt modern data storage and management constructs.  Data Warehouse was the de facto answer for enterprises for …

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What is a Data Scientist

Introduction The emerging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies have drastically revolutionized and transformed the world. However, modern AI and ML solutions need heaps of data for processing and training models. This enormously growing data requires advanced handling and managing strategies which resulted in the formation of the data science field.  Data science is a …

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Microservices Interview Questions & Answers

40+ Microservices Interview Questions and Answers (2023 Update)

Microservices are a popular way of developing modern, scalable software in an agile manner and demand for microservices developers has only been growing for the past few years. If you are preparing for a microservices interview, this guide is here to help! We have prepared a comprehensive and pragmatic list of the microservices interview questions …

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