Web Services vs. Micro Services: A Pragmatic Explanation

I often see engineers and even executives get hung up on the “web service” or a “microservice” terminology as if it were an either-or choice. It simply is not. Let’s deep dive into understanding the nature of both and see the overlaps and differences

AWS Glue 101: Architecture, Features, Typical Use Cases

AWS Glue is modern, easy to operate AWS native ETL platform that offers multiple pathways to setup effective ETL jobs. In this post, we’ll look at Glue architecture, various components, how to get started with AWS Glue and benefits of Gule.

Cloud IDS: A Gentle Introduction

A cloud-based intrusion detection system can be a valuable addition to your security arsenal. Still, choosing the right CIDS for your business is important, as is understanding how to implement and maintain it properly. Following the tips in this article, you can get one step closer to protecting your business from the latest security and malicious threats.