Top 15 Common AWS Cloud9 Questions

1. What are the benefits of AWS Cloud9?

2. How much does AWS Cloud9 cost?

3. How do I bring my existing code base over into Cloud9 IDE?

4. Are debugging tools available from within Cloud9?

5. Is there a way to easily migrate projects between different Cloud9 instances?

6. Give an example of why you would want to switch your Cloud9 instance.

7. Does Cloud9 support specific programming languages?

8. What are the drawbacks of AWS Cloud9?

9. Can you collaborate on projects using AWS Cloud9?

10. Can you integrate Cloud9 with other AWS Services such as EC2, S3, Lambda?

11. How can you configure environment variables in Cloud9?

12. Can you use Cloud9 to connect to a remote server and run commands on it?

13. How would you prepare your Cloud9 IDE for the development and management of Spring Boot applications?

14. What are the options for sizing your cloud9 environment?

15. Can you resize an existing Cloud9 environment?

16. Can you use AWS Cloud9 to for Java and Spring Boot projects?

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