7 Best Collibra Alternatives for Your Organization (in 2023)

Collibra is a leading data intelligence platform that aims to enhance data-driven decision-making by providing businesses with the right tools for data cataloging, governance, and privacy management. (Related Reading: Collibra Essentials Guide)

However, as the data management landscape evolves, several other companies have emerged as strong competitors to Collibra.

In this article, we’ll start with a summary of the top Collibra competitors and alternatives and then explore each option in some detail.


CompetitorKey FeaturesSimilarities with CollibraDifferences with Collibra
Alation– Data cataloging
– AI-driven data discovery
– Seamless user experience
– Data cataloging
– AI-driven data discovery
– Focus on data governance
– More emphasis on user experience
– Stronger machine learning capabilities
Informatica– Comprehensive data management suite
– Data governance, catalog, and quality tools
– Intuitive collaboration environment
– A comprehensive suite of data management tools
– Data governance and catalog capabilities
– Wider range of solutions
– Stronger integration capabilities
Talend– Data integration, quality, and governance
– Unified data management suite (Talend Data Fabric)
– Focus on data quality and integration
– Data governance and cataloging
– Unified data management suite
– More focus on data quality and integration
IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog– AI-powered data catalog and governance
– Seamless integration with IBM solutions
– Advanced AI capabilities
– Data catalog and governance
– AI-driven data discovery
– IBM ecosystem integration
– More advanced AI capabilities
Data.World– Cloud-native data catalog platform
– Simplified data discovery, governance, and collaboration
– Emphasis on collaboration and ease of use
– Data catalog and governance
– Ease of data discovery
– More focus on collaboration and ease of use
– Cloud-native platform
Ataccama– Comprehensive data management solutions
– AI-powered platform (Ataccama ONE)
– Customizable workflows
– Data cataloging and governance
– AI-driven data discovery
– Comprehensive suite of data management solutions
– More flexible and customizable workflows
– Stronger AI capabilities
erwin Data Intelligence– Data governance and catalog platform
– 360-degree view of data landscape
– Robust metadata management and data lineage capabilities
– Data governance and cataloging
– Metadata management and data lineage capabilities
– Unique 360-degree view of data landscape
– Different user interface and visualization options

1. Alation

Alation is a prominent data cataloging solution that automates the discovery, governance, and collaboration of data across an organization. Its machine learning-based platform enables users to quickly find and understand the data they need. Alation’s AI-driven data catalog is designed to simplify data governance and provide insights for data-driven decisions. As a Collibra alternative, Alation offers robust data cataloging capabilities and a seamless user experience.

2. Informatica

Informatica is a well-established data management company that offers a wide range of solutions, including data governance, data catalog, and data quality tools. Informatica’s Axon Data Governance solution is a direct competitor to Collibra and offers an intuitive, collaborative environment for data governance. With its robust integration capabilities, Informatica can be an ideal choice for businesses looking for a more comprehensive data management suite.

3. Talend

Talend is a cloud and big data integration platform that offers various data management solutions, including data integration, data quality, and data governance. Talend Data Fabric is a unified suite that enables organizations to govern, catalog, and manage the entire data lifecycle with ease. As a Collibra alternative, Talend provides a cohesive data management environment with a focus on data quality and integration.

4. IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog is a sophisticated data catalog and governance solution powered by artificial intelligence. It helps organizations discover, govern, and collaborate on data across multiple sources, making it an effective competitor to Collibra. With its advanced AI capabilities and seamless integration with other IBM solutions, Watson Knowledge Catalog is an attractive choice for businesses looking for a powerful and intelligent data management solution.

5. Data.World

Data.World is a cloud-native data catalog platform that simplifies data discovery, governance, and collaboration. Its modern approach to data management emphasizes ease of use and collaboration, making it an appealing alternative to Collibra. Data.World’s platform is designed to empower teams to work together efficiently, leveraging data to drive better decision-making.

6. Ataccama

Ataccama is an AI-powered data management platform that offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, including data cataloging, data quality, and data governance. Ataccama ONE is an integrated platform that enables organizations to manage and govern their data effectively. With its advanced AI capabilities and customizable workflows, Ataccama is a strong Collibra competitor and a suitable choice for businesses looking for a flexible and powerful data management solution.

7. erwin Data Intelligence

erwin Data Intelligence is a data governance and catalog platform that helps organizations make data-driven decisions by providing a 360-degree view of their data landscape. With its robust metadata management and data lineage capabilities, erwin Data Intelligence is an attractive Collibra alternative for businesses looking to enhance their data governance processes.


Collibra is undoubtedly a leader in the data management space, but these top competitors and alternatives provide strong options for organizations with varying needs and budgets. By evaluating each solution’s features, capabilities, and pricing, businesses can find the right data management platform that aligns with their unique requirements and goals.