A Guide to Matillion Pricing


Matillion offers a suite of data integration tools that empower organizations to efficiently load, transform, and synchronize data across various platforms. Businesses can leverage these tools to make data-driven decisions. With the growing importance of data in today’s cost sensitive business environment, understanding Matillion pricing model is vital for organizations seeking cost-effective data solutions.

Matillion Pricing Model

Matillion offers a simple, consumption-based pricing model that allows businesses to utilize their data effectively. Customers can choose from Free, Basic, Advanced, or Enterprise Editions, purchase capacity up front, or opt for a pay-as-you-go approach. The Matillion services facilitate data loading, transformation, and data synchronization at scale.

Above: Screenshot of pricing page on Matillion’s website as of 5th May 2023.

Universal Credits

Customers can buy Matillion Credits to use for Matillion Data Loader and Matillion ETL. These credits serve as a universal currency within the Matillion ecosystem, providing a predictable cost model based on the number of Batch and CDC Rows loaded by Matillion Data Loader, and by the Virtual Core hours used running Matillion ETL instances.

Tiered Consumption

The Matillion Data Loader employs a tiered consumption model, where credits are consumed at a reduced rate as the number of rows loaded reaches certain thresholds. This means businesses can lower their cost per row as volumes increase.

Enterprise-Grade Support

The Enterprise Edition of Matillion provides access to Matillion Support and Service Level Agreements, and offers an option to add Premium Support for more comprehensive assistance.

Matillion Editions Pricing

The Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise editions of Matillion are priced at $2.00, $2.50, and $2.70 per credit, respectively. All these editions come with standard support, with the Enterprise edition offering an option for Premium Support.

Matillion Data Loader Pricing Editions

The Matillion Data Loader allows unlimited users across all editions and handles up to 1M rows/month for free in the Free Edition. All other editions offer unlimited volume, sources, and destinations. The loader’s scheduling capabilities vary between editions, with the Basic edition allowing each source to be loaded once per hour, while other editions permit loading every 5 minutes.

Matillion ETL Pricing

All editions of Matillion ETL start with 5 users, and offer unlimited read-only users. This tool includes 70+ pre-built connectors, Matillion scripting components, real-time validation & sampling components, job automation & advanced scheduling, unit testing and error handling components, audit logs and auto-generated documentation, and various other features. Some advanced features like Git repository, external Matillion database, and clustered environments are available in specific editions.


Matillion’s consumption-based pricing model provides businesses with flexibility and cost-effective solutions for their data integration needs. By understanding the various aspects of Matillion’s pricing structure, organizations can make informed decisions when selecting data integration tools. As data continues to be a crucial aspect of modern business operations, considering Matillion’s pricing model can assist organizations in maximizing their data utility and driving better business outcomes.

Please note that for the most up-to-date and detailed information, it’s always best to refer directly to the official Matillion website or contact their sales department. For more information about Matillion and other data management tools, you can explore our comparison of Collibra and Matillion.